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Natural Face toner with Green Tea & Neem for Oily/Acne

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Summer is always here in South Florida and sometimes if you use a toner that strips all of your natural oils away it causes acne. Living in 345 days of 82 degree weather is a balancing act for acne prone skin. Trust me I would know. I have used this natural face toner for over a year it combines green tea and neem a natural antiseptic all in a perfectly beautiful glass bottle. This contains no alcohol like many drug store toners, just apply with a cotton ball and rinse, leaving your skin oil free all day. Sometimes I do not wash the toner off and just apply moisturizer on top to help control oily skin all day 

Green tea & Neem facial toner created to help balance oily/acne prone skin.

A blend of mineral water, alcohol free witch hazel, green tea, neem and essential oils known to aid in balancing oily/acne skin problems. Pure and natural like it should be. No fillers, preservatives, alcohol, etc.

Choose a 2 or 4 ounce bottle. Comes in a glass bottle.

dab onto a cotton pad or ball and apply to face and neck after cleansing.

Manufactured in the United states using natural and organic ingredients to aide in acne and oily skin. This product is non-refundable. 

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