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Grounding & Earthing Sheet or Pad

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Grounding sheets or pads do they work? You be the judge. We have tried them at Sleep Naked and we are 100% sure they give you a better nights rest. The science behind the grounding pad we will leave to the scientists because the proof in the way we feel and sleep after using the pad. If you are experiencing waking up for no reason in the middle of the night, night sweats, headaches, or muscle or body tension.. try this pad. You will feel a difference in your sleep within 5 nights if not the same night.  

Conductive bed pad – Since you spend pretty much 30% of your life sleeping, your bed affords an excellent opportunity to be grounded to the Earth while you sleep. There are many different variations of conductive devices that can be used at night.


Since you spend so much time in your bedroom sleeping, I believe it's one of the most important areas for you to be grounded. Here are a few of the details behind why I highly recommend you sleep grounded..


  • Your bedroom is typically loaded up with electrical and radio devices… devices like a lamp... clock radio... charging cell phone... fan... television...
  • Most of these devices emit fields from "dirty electricity" to electromagnetic radiation.
  • As long as the devices are plugged in (don't even have to be turned on), you're exposed to these fields while you sleep.
  • Even if you unplug all the devices in your bedroom (which I strongly recommend), you're still exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the wires running through the walls. The only way to further avoid this is to actually turn off the power to the wiring in your bedroom walls… which is not very practical for most people.
  • You can exactly measure electromagnetic fields on your body using a voltmeter (before and during grounding).

Your bedroom is not necessarily the area of your home with the most electromagnetic exposure potential... your kitchen is far worse due to your refrigerator. But the issue with your bedroom is that you spend so many consecutive hours sleeping there every night.


Type: Flat Sheet
Grade: Grade A
Model Number: Conductive012#
Style: Plain
Fabric Count: 40
Thread Count: 200TC
Weight: 1kg
Pattern Type: Plaid
Age Group: Adults
Brand Name: BLOCK EMF
Material: Silver fiber cotton fabric
Product model: Conductive012#
Product name: Conductive earth connection bed sheet
Size: 96.52cmx203.2cm
Material: Silver fiber cotton fabric
Color: White
Function: Conductive
Use for: Sleeping
Performance: Good for your health ! Earth bed sheet for better sleep

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