About Us

Our success is driven by the integrity of the brands that we offer, the happiness of the clients we service and the ability to accommodate everyones needs.


Our mission is to provide healthy, safe alternatives to the products offered at typical mattress stores. We pride ourselves in doing the research for you to assure the highest quality standards are met. Giving you safe, alternative options to help you sleep safer in a toxic world. Our products are backed by third party certifiers that meet the USDA standards for health. 


The owner of Sleep Naked is a woman who 6 years ago found herself struggling with a child who had recently been diagnosed with serious learning disabilities and breathing issues. Her struggles lead her to finding out the truth about chemical flame retardants, and chemicals that were in standard mattresses, sheets, blankets and even everyday products such as laundry soaps and more. Since then she has been on a mission to educate everyone about the toxicity of their homes environment. She has seen for herself what a few small changes can do for your children and home. 

Mattress Selection

We offer Both Organic and Natural latex mattresses at our store. We believe that offering products that are both safe and meet the customers requirements for healthy, comfortable sleep is very important. Some customers may feel that organic mattresses made with organic dunlop latex is not the comfort they are needing. That is why we offer two latex options to fit each customers needs while giving them the comfort and support they are needing. Many of our mattresses offer a customize feature which allows you to build the mattress to your specific needs, while some are already made. 

The Struggle is real-

As a woman owned business the "struggle is real" in a mostly man dominated industry. When Tina first decided to open the doors of Sleep Naked many of her friends and family thought she was nuts after all, no one eats their mattress so why would anyone want to sleep on an organic mattress? Now, many of them have converted to sleeping on and using more ethically made and natural products because they themselves have witnessed the changes in her daughter, and the difference all natural products makes with their own home and families. Just knowing that he air quality of a home is determined by the quality of products you use for everyday life is a basic general golden rule all of us should follow. 

Rhonda- Boca Raton -Email Testimonal

Tina, I would like to thank you so much for your help in selecting an organic mattress. As you know I stumbled across your store while in the shopping plaza not knowing what an "organic" mattress was. After recently purchasing a memory foam mattress, I was waking up with headaches, sore throat, and an achy body. You gave me great unbiased information about the product had purchased. After researching Toxic Memory foam as you suggested, I was astounded by the chemicals I was sleeping on, and returned the product for an organic mattress at your store. My husband and I both wake up feeling refreshed and I have not had any issues with headaches, or sore throats since. I can't thank you enough for your help. 

Jessica- Naples Florida - Thank You Card

For over 6 years I have suffered from Chemical Sensitivity. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2014 and Toxic Neuropathy in 2016. After my recent diagnosis my husband sought you out. I thought he was out of his mind when he wanted to get rid of our very expensive mattress we had purchased only a year prior due to the chemicals in the mattress. 

My husband only wanting the best for me and my health has lead me down a better path, and I am so very grateful to have found you and your store. I have slept on an organic mattress, sheets and blankets now for over 6 months and I am happy to report to you that I am seeing less issues with flare ups and my quality of life is much better. This was an eye opening experience for me. You're a Blessing

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