Pure Talalay Bliss Collection

Pure Talalay Bliss 

Nature is the genius behind Pure Talalay Bliss's beds. Starting with natural ingredients from the tropical rubber tree, not derived from chemical compounds that mimic the feel of latex. These beds are made with specialty layers of customized density layers for a feel that is truly unsurpassed. 

Best Mattress For Back Pain

Perfection from the start. While other mattresses on the market today change their product yearly, Pure Talalay Bliss has manufactured the same names, the same style with the same materials for over 10 years. There is no need to change what has already been perfected.  

Pure Talalay Bliss is crafted using an eco-friendly 6 wash process that enhances the resilience and breathability of the rubber sap and washes out all impurities that may have been added to the latex during the manufacturing process. The Talalay of these mattresses does contain an Oeko-Tex Class 1 certification which means that the latex does not contain toxic chemicals after the final washing. 

5 Levels of Perfection 

Pure Talalay Bliss offers 5 Levels of firmnesses ranging in very plush to perfectly firm feels all made with 100% latex. With Pure Talalay Bliss the thicker the mattress the softer the feel starting with the 13" Worlds Best the plushest feeling mattress and ends with the 8" Pamper which is the firmest level.