Talalay Active Pillows

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Talalay Active Pillows 

Feel the absolute power of Talalay with Pure Talalay Bliss pillows. These pillows offer a soft buoyant feel. When we talk about "buoyancy" we talk about a floating on top feeling. The Talalay Active pillows are molded latex which is a solid latex formed shape pillow and thanks to TalaFlex open cell technology, air circulation is maximized to maintain the ideal comfort level for each person. 

  • Queen Size Only 
  • Handcrafted in Connecticut 
  • Breathable with pinhole design latex 
  • pressure relieving 
  • A side sleeper with medium to large shoulders 
  • A back sleeper with medium to large shoulders 
  • Prefer a soft Pillow 
  • Tend to sweat at night and need a pillow with air flow 
  • Do not like to fluff pillows

Inside Latex: Talalay Latex 

Outside Shell: Rayon