Talalay Down Pillow

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Talalay Down Pillows 

If you are allergic to down but love the supple feeling down provides then your alternative has arrived. This decadent down "like" feel give a soft, relaxing snuggle down feel that allows you to fluff as needed. This pillow is ideal for those sleepers who enjoy "scrunching" and burrowing inside the pillow while giving you a more dense, yet still bouncy buoyant feel.  

This pillow is considered a shredded latex pillow, however the secret sauce to making this pillow delightful is the finely air fluffed shreds of the finest latex material in America. 

  • Queen Size only 
  • Made in Connecticut 
  • 100% Talalay Material 
  • Shredded Puffs of Talalay 
  • Tummy Sleeper 
  • Side Sleeper 
  • Those who like to scrunch pillow
  • Less bouncy 
  • Like to Fluff pillows 
  • Small Shoulders, longer necks 
  • Medium Shoulders with smaller necks 
  • Large Shoulders who sleeps on Tummy