Customized Kapok Body Pillow

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Customize your Kapok Body pillow to the exact height and fill for spinal alignment. These Pillows are made with the silk from a ciba tree. Savvyrest holds a certification on their Kapok tree silk, so feel confident in buying a Savvyrest Organic Kapok Pillow free of toxic chemical pesticides.

Using a body pillow can keep your hips from collapsing and putting pressure on your spin by slightly rotating your hips forward as you sleep. Many of us side sleepers tend to feel more pressure in our hips and wake up with stiffness due to a rotating pelvis. When you use a body pillow you can minimize that rotation by tossing a leg over the body pillow and opening up your pelvic region. Savyrest offers several body pillows in various softness. Sleep Naked offers the Wool and the Kapok body pillow in our showroom to try and buy. Or you can purchase your body pillow online and customize it yourself. 

SavvyRest Certifications: 

Kapok: GOTS certified 

Cotton: GOTS certified 

Cotton Sheets: GOTS certified 

Dunlop Latex: ECO Institute / GOLS certification 

Talalay Latex: Eco Institute 

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