Kids Organic Mattress Collection

As a Parent you will need 3 mattresses per child

 Children do most of their growing from age 0-10 years of age, parents would be shocked to see how many headaches and body aches a child has on a daily basis but unable to express the pains in a way you and I can and do as adults. 

Let's discuss the needs of a child and the mattresses we recommend for them by age groups. 

0-2 Years Of Age: 

Did you know at birth a baby has on average 300 bones in their body that overtime fuse together to form the 206 bones an average adult has? Yes, it is true. A mothers milk provides the exact amount of calcium a child needs to form healthy bones. During 0-2 years of age the head is still very soft. 


It is a myth made up by crib manufactures that a baby's crib mattress must be hard. A child's mattress needs to be soft yet firm for a perfect balance I recommend 100% the Savvyrest Organic Crib Mattress for all mothers.

2-7 Years Of Age: The Potty Years! 

The best time in a child's little life. They are feeding themselves, learning to walk and talk, falling down and getting bruised. Their minds are racing 100 to nothing, and they finding it hard to wind down for bed. Your bed always seems to put them straight to sleep. Ever wonder why? Well, it has something to do with comfort, Kids mattresses today are always made cheap, hard and too darn hot.. especially with that plastic mattress protector you are using to keep their bed safe and dry from accidents. Childrens body temperature is already hotter than ours, so why add non-breathable plastic to the mix of things, kids need a plush mattress, preferably one without coils.. and they need to use 100% Organic cotton sheets, and 100% organic pillows. Period ... I carry one Toddler bed on my showroom floor because I believe in its comfort for a growing body. 

7-16 Years Old : I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T years 

Kids around the age of 7- 16 become more independent, and in my opinion less clean. They no longer allow moms and dads to scrub behind the ears, and dress them for bed. They go to bed with gunk on their hands they start to have hormonal changes, oily skin, stinky arm pits.. and sometimes caught taking food to their rooms. ( I know mine tries) Their always going.. climbing trees, riding bikes, dance classes, swimming all the things we wish we could do still today with the teen spirit energy they have! At this age, they have stopped wetting the bed and hopefully stopped taking their pet lizards to sleep with.. but, now now its time for those pesky growing pains. Now it is time for a mattress that will grow with them as they start to get taller, lanky, start putting on weight and those amazing growth spurts that seem to happen over night. Now, It's time for the Real Big Boy bed. I recommend a mattress that offers the ability to customize the layers on the inside to grow with the child as they grow older. See below for my recommendations. 




Savvyrest Organic Crib Mattresses 100% of the time. Why? - Comfort- It is the most comfortable crib mattress out there using 100% organic Materials with a medium layer of dunlop which cradles a baby's scalp . 

I DO NOT RECOMMEND: Naturepedic Coil Crib Mattresses, Why? They are too hard, they put too much pressure on a growing kids head which could lead to Plagiocephaly is a condition that causes a baby's head to have a flat spot due to pressure. Not only that, I do not believe they are 100% honest about their flame retardants used in a 2:1 mattress. If they don't use wool then what are they using? And they suggest their plastic is made of potatoes?.. Umm.. Okay, and what else? 

Recommend For 2-7 Years Old 

Obasan is the only childs mattress I truly believe in to provide a wonderful supportive, soft and medium feel for a child. To see this mattress is to love it. Even an adult can find comfort laying on this mattress.  These 6" mattresses come in: 

Twin, Twin Xl, Full and Queen Sizes. 

Reccommended 7-16

I recommend any mattress that allows the mattress to grow as the child does. Since we have no idea of what the weight of our children will be like for years to come its best to go totally customizable if you want to save money in the future. 

Here are my Top Two picks for Growing Teens 

  • OMI Duo- Great Mattress 100% Customization panels tends to be firmer and Pricey 
  • Obasan 8" Mattress- Latex is Made plusher - 3 layers of support and customizable