11" Clean Mattress Posh+Lavish

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posh_lavish_clean_mattress_latexPosh+Lavish is an elegantly designed mattress featuring both certified dunlop latex and naturally produced talalay latex that uses no chemical or wool treated flame barriers, Posh+ Lavish use a rich, ample amount of naturally farmed wool which is wrapped and encased in the most luxurious, dense certified organic cotton encasement. Though this mattress is not "technically" what Sleep Naked Organic Mattress considers to be "ORGANIC" Posh+ Lavish is not trying to be. Posh+Lavish wants to produce an ethically, healthy mattress based upon the support and comfort a mattress gives to you.

The 11" Clean mattress offers a really "clean" feel, soft yet gently firm. This mattress offers both Dunlop and Talalay combined which gives the mattress a gentle cradling feel without the bounce. Uplifting like talalay latex without the movement. 

  • Great Feeling mattress for those who enjoy the feel of Memory Foam minus the Toxins. 

The Clean Mattress by Posh+ Lavish 

  • 11" Medium Firm Latex Mattress 
  • Comes in Split Head King and Split Head King-Adjustable's sold separate 
  • Okeo-Tex Certified Cotton & Wool Encasement 
  • Natural Latex 
  • Talalay Latex process
  • Dunlop Latex process
  • Made in California 
  • Mattress shown with 3" latex topper
  • Florida Delivery Sleep Naked will provide delivery to your home, white glove is available at additional cost. 
  • Bahamas Delivery please arrange port of your choice, we can have the product ship directly to your port. 
  • US outside of Florida: We can ship product directly to your home or for additional fees you may opt for white glove delivery. 


When you purchase a Posh+Lavish you will be purchasing a product that is well made and ethically produced for better sleep. 

  • Sleeping Cooler, and controlling heat without the need for added chemicals by addressing the moisture in the mattress first. Natural cotton helps to retain the bodies moisture, and the natural wool helps to keep your body at an optimal sleeping temp so the moisture does not escape. 
  • Motion Transfer: Latex mattresses, specifically talalay mattresses tend to have a little more motion transfer than other mattresses, Posh+Lavish addresses this issue by adding both dunlop and talalay latex to the mattress to assure you and your partner sleep soundly together all night long. 
  • Spinal Alignment: Spinal Alignment does not mean keeping your back straight as a board, after all your back is an "S" shape. When we speak of spinal alignment we think that the back should be uplifted, supported and add comforting support to the backs muscles allowing them to rest and relax so that you feel as though you are completley weightless and without pressure points. 

Luxurious Combinations give the Posh+Lavish line the ultimate in luxury and support. 

  • Cotton Used: 
    • 650 gram weight of luxururious GOTS certfied organic fabric 
    • German Knit cotton surrounded in Natural wool 
    • German knit cotton engineered to breath natually, wick moisture naturally and keep the body cooler without the use of chemicals or special foams. 
    • The encasement was tested for durablity and strength and out performed woven cotton and polyester blends. 
  • Latex Used: 
    • All natural dunlop latex - to provide great motion transfer.
    • All natural talalay latex - Oeko Tex Certfiied natural rubber used for pressure relief to give the body 
    • Latex is manufactured with pinhole design to allow for optimal air flow to keep cool, fresh air flow. 
  • Wool Used: 
    • Natural-Fire retardant provides a chemical free barrier 
    • Free Range, Humanily treated New Zealand & Australian wool. 
    • Extreamly durable long staple wool. 
    • Chemical dips or Antibiotics are never used on farmers sheep.