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I-Adjust King Mattress

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I-Adjust King Mattress

The I-adjust 10" GOL's & GOT's certified latex mattress offers 3 layers of customized dense GOLS certified organic latex layers wrapped individually in GOTs  certified cotton material to keep the latex clean and fresh for the life span of the mattress. I adjust organic mattresses are an outstanding purchase for those who are on a budget and want the benefits of an organic mattress in their life. This Organic mattress offers a wool barrier as its flame retardant, and a knit cotton & spandex cover that is certified by GOTS. 

OPTIONS: Choose between A firm layering, soft layering, or a medium layering. 

  • Firm: Firm, Firm, Firm 
  • Soft, Medium, Soft, Soft 
  • Medium: Firm, Medium, Soft (recommended) 

When you purchase your new I Adjust organic latex mattress you can opt for local Florida delivery or ship the product to your door. This mattress will come in several boxes with set-up instructions. The mattress is very easy to put together but we do recommend having 2 people. 

Durning transport of your new mattress there may be damage to your product if that occurs, please let us know immediately. When the product arrives please note any damage to the product, take pictures and call or email us prior to opening. We want to make sure your mattress is great condition. 

Shipping generally takes about 9-12 business days to arrive depending on your location. 

GOT Certified 

GOLS Certified 

Natural Wool barrier 

10" total height

3 layers of GOLS latex 

  • FIRM 
  • SOFT 
  • You can layer your mattress to your specifications

20 Year Limited Warranty 

GOTS certified cotton wrapped encasement 


We ask that you please let your mattress encasement breathe for 24 hours.  This product contains wool and sometimes it has a "farm-like" smell. If that doesn't bother you, then hop to it and start sleeping on your mattress tonight! 

Latex will have a slight natural fragrance from the rubber tree.