Tempurpedic Mattress & The Ugly Truth of Advertising

Tempurpedic mattress commercials yep, we have all seen them "The most highly recommended bed in America" Right? Well, I guess in their advertisement claims of being the best, and the most comfortable they forgot to add that their mattresses are made of 100% chemicals and could be harmful to your health . Their amazing Million dollar ad campaigns  they forgrt to mention how many actual customers returned the Tempurpedic mattresses due to the chemical smell, breathing problems, skin rashes, nose bleeds, and extreme headaches. I wonder how that advertisement would go? I'm thinking it may be something like a Viagra commercial where they tell you how great this little blue pill is and then at the end a disclaimer that warns you of specific health risks associated with it. In my head I think the disclaimer would probably look and sound something like this.. "Tempurpedic mattresses, though the most highly recommended bed in America may not be suitable for all people we ask that you seek the advice of your physician before buying a Tempurpedic mattresses especially if you have chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities, skin problems such as eczema, low blood count, chronic headaches, low immune deficiency disorder, cancer or suspect you may have cancer, small children should not sleep on a Tempur-pedic due to the chemical and risks associated with the chemical compounds in the mattress. If you experience chronic dry mouth or symptoms lasting longer than 4 hours you should seek the advice of your medical professional."  I am only joking but seriously, why isn't there a warning on the mattress law tag? I mean after all they have to put the risks of using cigarettes and on the packaging don't they?  

Tempurpedic Lawsuit 

In 2013 a Tempur-Pedic lawsuit originated from the law offices of Alvin Todd who claimed that Tempur-Pedic mattress owners were being exposed to toxic chemicals which were causing his clients extreme adverse reactions to the mattress. The law firm did send out the materials for testing and concluded that the mattress was filled with some very unhealthy chemicals and with long exposure could lead to detrimental health issues. In the lawsuit documents many clients contacted Tempur-Pedic about the smells and health issues, some customers were able to return their mattresses for a small fee while others were not. Tempurpedic used to have a flyer called "What to expect from your new mattress" this was a handout all retailers were expected to give out when a client purchased a new Tempur-Pedic and somewhere in the advertisement it spoke of the "SMELL" associated with their new purchase which said that the smell was "completely harmless, and just like a new car smell, after time the smell will dissipate".  Well, it seems that the smell or outgassing was not totally harmless, the smell was obviously toxic. 

If the motion was allowed or granted by the Judge in California it would mean that ever single person in America who purchased a Tempurpedic mattress would be able to qualify for the Class-Action Lawsuit and every single person who purchased a mattress made of Memory Foam would be able to sue the manufactures on the basis of false advertisement and that my friends is a WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE. So, the judge did what every judge would do in our Amazing Legal system of Corporate Chemical America  ... and denied the claim on the basis of "right to refuse" which basically says that these customers didn't have to buy this mattress, they could have purchased another mattress instead. 

Judge How do You sleep At Night? Probably not on a Tempur-Pedic

As I read through this litigation I was astounded. Though the legal documentation was there, the claimants had supporting evidence to support their factual findings that they never had medical issues until they received the mattress, the claim was denied.. on the basis that "The customers could have purchased another mattress"? What if ... people didn't have the money to purchase another mattress Judge? What if, the customers were made aware of the facts first... Don't you think that people would have made another purchase Judge? 

So, basically buyer beware and do your research before buying and make sure that you do not fall for the advertisements. Even in the "organic" mattress industry I am seeing so many people say that their mattresses are " clean" "eco" "safe"  and other false claims.. but if you are not buying from a reputable ORGANIC dealer who's only speciality is organic mattresses.. you are not getting the facts.  Recently, as I was digging through the research garbage of google... checking out online claims of "organic mattress" manufactures I literally came across a certain color of "purple" mattress who claim their mattresses were "Organic" ... I exploded in laughter.. thinking there are actual people who are going to read this, and believe this garbage. Avocado mattresses... Owned by Brentwood a memory foam manufacture for years and actually their speciality yet, claiming to be "stewards" of the earth.. LOL! Saatva and Zen mattresses... don't get me started on their marketing.

As the judge in California said.. it is up to you to decide on what you want to sleep on, if you don't do your research and the mattress causes you harm do not think that you will be able to sue the manufacture for harm to you and your family. It is up to you to do your due diligence and read before you purchase something so important in your home. This is after all... something you will sleep on for 8 hours a night. False advertisement is everywhere.. be careful and stay safe in this toxic world. The onus is on you.. 


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