Meet the Owners of Posh+Lavish

Many of you already know that Sleep Naked Organic Mattress Co. offers a percentage of our profits to the Colitis & Crohn's Foundation of Florida. We have offered our support to the foundation for several years after Sam, our friend and Sales Manager's daughter was diagnosed with Colitis at the young age of 7 after substantial bleeding landed her in the hospital. Our donations help to provide infusion medications to children who's families may not be able to provide for the costs.
Sleep Naked Organic Mattress wants to start aligning itself with companies who share in the spirit of humanity, that is why we are bringing in new products like Obasan, Posh+Lavish, Coyuchi and other brands in the future who share in our spirit of giving and not the almighty dollar. Some manufactures want to offer the most highly certified products and while that is great to do you must first understand that those certifications can cost in the upwards of $500,000 a certificate, money which could be better used for other purposes. We have the ability to align ourselves with companies who offer safe, natural, sustainable products who also want to offer a better life for others.
As we head into the Easter Holiday, I wanted to spotlight these two caring and inspiring business owners who I have had the pleasure of personally knowing for many years and proud to say that their products are now showcased on our floor. I hope that you will watch their inspiring story, and tell others who are looking to purchase a mattress that their purchase really matters to others and to shop with us.
Many of you are already familiar with Pure Talalay Bliss, and Organicpedic two specific products we showcase on our floor. Kurt Ling was one of the founders of Pure Talalay Bliss 11 years ago before selling its label to Global Talalay. Kurt and Steve both went on to work side by side with Walt Bader of OMI before creating their own label Posh+Lavish.
With one Google search of Kurt Ling or Steve Baumberger  you will see that these two amazing guys are industry giants in the latex mattress business they have created brands time and time again with amazing success. These two humble guys are wealthy beyond belief and now it is time to create a brand to help others.
Kurt and Steve offer a handsome 20% donation of any profits from the sale of their mattresses to a foundation who helps children in need of dire medical attention and we are happy that they have come out with a new Line of Natural Products so that we too may assist in their philanthropy. Their mattresses offer both natural dunlop and talalay, organic cotton encasements, and organic wool flame retardants. Though, they are not considered "organic" they are backed by certifications for healthy living. Using the combination of both Talalay Latex and Dunlop Latex provides these mattresses with an uncompromising feel of sublime comfort you and your guests will love.
Sleep Naked was founded on the principles of helping others and we want to get back to the true meaning of why we created this business in the first place. Our product line will be changing only for the better and while we may still carry some of the brands you love we may offer less of them in order to provide products with meaning and companies that align themselves with our passion of humanity. It is my belief when you align yourself with goodness of the world success is not driven by your wealth, it is driven by your ability to change others lives for the better.
We hope that you enjoy this video, and hopefully you share it with others during this holiday and know that there are still people in the world today with passion of compassion.

Cure International: Posh+Lavish from Zion Pictures on Vimeo.


Making our world a better place by offering a comfortable nights sleep and a generous 20% of its net profits to the CURE Foundation that helps children acquire the medical attention needed for hydrocephalus and clef palettes.
My brother was born with a Clef Pallet, and without the the donations to Shriners hospital his life would not have been what it is today. I am proud to offer POSH+LAVISH

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