I tried the Earthing Grounding mat Thingy ..

Most people who have visited my store know that I have a major back injury. Sometimes, the inflammation is so bad, I actually have to ask my husband to mind my store..while I lie in bed, and recoup and pop Wombyzem and eat pineapple until the inflammation gets bearable enough to go back into the store.. and lift those heavy layers of latex to build my customers a customized mattress. Thankfully, my customers help.. when I am not feeling spry enough to lift the layers.   

About a month ago my back went out after picking up the soap in the shower.. (ha, ha, try not to laugh)  Anyone who has had a back injury know what this is like.. doing something as simple as bending down to pick up a small, lightweight object.. and boom you are down for the count. The pain starts radiating up to your face and down your arm and into your neck just as quickly as you bent over. The pain so bad you hobble to your bed, lie down and pray for relief. Well, this happened to me and it was not the right time for my back to go out. I had a very high-profile client coming in, and I promised this person I would be there to help them select their mattresses and I had less than 2 days to get this old wrecked back to working order. Time was of the essence right now. 

As I laid in bed with my knees propped up, in pain and worrying about what the heck I was going to tell this client who was traveling all the way from the Sarasota area I remembered a sample product I was sent that supposedly helped with inflammation. It was a grounding mat thingy which is supposed to help with a multitude of issues by  keeping the "E.M.F.'s" away from your bed. .. I tossed this sample product in my closet where it stayed for 5 months until desperation kicked in. When my friend came to visit and check in on me.. (actually, she was pregnant and needed to use my bathroom because she was in the area.. and she knew mine would be clean! 😊)  I asked her to grab the weird mat out of the closet. As we read the instructions, I knew for sure this was nothing more than a gimmick. The instructions directed you to put the mat that was made of cotton with a "silver lining" running through the cotton underneath you. There were several plugs to install, and then a grounding plug you plug into the third hole of an outlet near you. My friend, always the optimist said.. "just see.. you never know.."

Okay so, the directions were simple enough to do. Since I was laying on an adjustable bed, with my laptop on my bed tray, my cell phone near me just in case my husband had a customer. I figured heck, if this thing can keep the radiation away from me, maybe I should just lay right on top of it, so I did. 

If I were to tell you that I slept the best I had ever slept that night would you believe me? No kidding. I slept like a baby. The ringing in my ears stopped almost immediately and I drifted off to sleep in no time at all that night. 

When I woke up the next day, my wedding rings that are generally tight on my fingers when my back was inflamed was not as swollen as the day before. They actually fit like normal, though my back still ached I was able to move around a bit more. I chalked it up to me eating a whole fresh pineapple the day before that caused the swelling and inflammation to subside. As I laid there throughout the day, I noticed the numbing in my fingers was gone later that afternoon, and the next morning... I was able to move around and actually meet my customers that day with the help of my husband to help move the layers around as needed.  

When I changed the bed sheets the next day I moved the "gimmicky" grounding pad and unplugged it and didn't plug it back in or put it under the sheets like the instructions said to do. I kinda just tossed it to the side still thinking it didn't do anything for me. I fell asleep that night feeling a little tighter in my neck and back area from the activities of the the day. I tossed and turned all night long. I couldn't seem to get comfortable, and the ringing in my ears (which happens when my back goes out) came back. At about 4:00 AM I flipped on my iPhone light to find that mat  as my husband asked "what the hell are you doing up so early, go back to bed" I quietly plugged that sucker back in added it to the top of my fresh new sheets and waited.. to fall asleep, and I did, FINALLY.

I haven't unplugged that thing since. As a matter of fact, I bought my daughter one, and ... DO NOT LAUGH... I put one under my dogs bed too. We have used the Grounding mat now for a few months and it really seems to help me sleep better, my body doesn't feel as inflamed and I feel less stressed. My daughter also said she notices a difference when she sleeps over at her friends house and when she sleeps in her own bed. She said she feels calmer, but that really doesn't mean much because she feels a little anxious when having a sleep over. I will tell you this, we have several Dog Beds around the house for our Big Girl Bella who refuses to lay on just the bare floor. One in the hallway which is her favorite place to lay, one in the family room which used to be her least favorite  and one in the dining room, Bella likes quiet places, the TV in the family room always keeps her out of the family room which is where I put the grounding mat under her bed and now, THAT is her favorite bed to sleep on. Even when my daughter goes to her bedroom to sleep at night Bella for 7 years has slept in my daughters room every night. Almost, every morning our big girl is in the living room laying on her bed and grounding mat. I have noticed in her that she no longer barks at the insane dogs next door, and seems a little more relaxed. I too notice the same thing in me. Usually, I am up all night reading, waking up a million times to check on the animals, waking up to check my emails and so on. I do find myself going to sleep and staying asleep longer without waking up to do these things in the middle of the night. 

I contacted the Chinese manufacture who sent me my first sample and asked for a few more to offer to select clients to see if they reported the same response. I didn't tell my customers  what I had experienced I just asked them to try it. Six out of Six customers reported back saying they slept better within several days of sleeping on the grounding pad. All of my customers reported that they felt less anxious at night, and seemed to sleep more sound. It Seemed to be a hit for both me, and my clients so, now I provide a quick ship link on my website for my customers to buy online. 

The science behind the grounding pad is a bit controversial to say the least. Some doctors claim this product helps while others say it will harm you, others say it doest do anything. I am not a doctor so I will not recommend this device as a medical device. I wanted to draw your attention to this product, tell you my experiences and let you decide. I can say that in my home my security system, is in the wall of my bedroom. We have many electrical components in our room, our air conditioner and wiring sets right outside our window along with the pool pump and the pool heater. We have a lot of electricity running from our room and if this "gimmicky" thing will help to shield the EMF's and dirty electricity from my body and help me sleep better, longer? I am all in.  

If you are interested in seeing if this product will help you, you can find the link HERE. If you do try this product, Please email me. I would love to share your experience with my readers! 


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