Glyphosate and your health

General Mills and Quaker are back in the new again.

  • This is kind of a Rant, but it is coming from a good place so, don’t hold it against me!

Back in August of 2018 General Mills and Quaker was in the news when an environmental research and advocacy group found “traces” of Monsanto’s aka Bayer Pharmaceutical’s delicious and tasty herbicide in most of their cereals, oats, and other breakfast food items.  This wonderful herbicide is glyphosate and our wonderful federal regulators .. you know those amazing men and women in suits and ties that lie to our faces on a daily basis lining their pockets with millions of dollars in hush money. (.you know those guys..  ) so the chemical companies can continue to make billions of dollars in Pharmaceuticals to rid you of the cancer that they actually poisoned you with. It’s a vicious cycle. They poison you with chemicals in your food to make you sick so that you can buy their chemicals to inject into your body to rid you of cancer that they poisoned you with.  

Today, a wonderful customer of mine texted me a news article from CBS news, one of the largest news agencies reporting that instead of “traces” of glyphosate that was reported last year they are now reporting 5x’s higher than that of last year, and 5x’s higher than what the advocacy group determines to be safe.  So, basically within one year, we went from “traces” to reaching 5x’s safe level.  All the while General Mills is saying they follow “strict EPA guidelines”. My question to you is.. are you going to trust a Human Advocacy Group or are you going to trust EPA Guidelines? Right now we have the most controversial leadership heading the department of the EPA. Since Pruitt’s tumultuous time under the Trump Administration and recent dismissal under a barrage of the irresponsible use of OUR Tax money and in my opinion pocketing much of the money used for himself, do you think that Pruitt would be looking out for himself or you? Now we have a jackass by the name of Andrew Wheeler  (pardon my southern slang) heading up the EPA. Mr. Wheeler, an ex-coal lobbyist and former Special Assistant of EPA’s Pollution Prevention and Toxics office under H.W. Bush’s Administration. When reading his bio on the EPA’s Website they forget to mention that this man MR WHEELER also Lobbied for Bayer Pharmaceuticals the owner of Monsanto.

Right now, the Florida Healthy Food, Healthy Kid WIC program offers free food vouchers for new mothers and breastfeeding mothers. In their 2018-2019 Food Pamphlet allows General Mills and Quaker to be purchased using our tax dollars and there are no warning labels on any item that this product contains Glyphosate. Take a look at these companies’ websites. They look like honest wholesome food companies doing great and wonderful things for the human race, all the while subjecting you to known carcinogens and our federal government is lining their pockets with money to keep the “EPA standards” as high as possible.  This is not just a Trump Administration issue;  this is a Governmental issue dating back to 1988 and most recently under the Obama years as Michelle Obama was pushing for higher food standards and “organic foods” her husband Barry Obama  signed the “Monsanto Protection Act”  Our whole government the entire GOVERNMENT is working to injure you and your children, and we sit back fighting about things we can not change in this world. We fight neighbors who are on opposing party lines, but when you wake up to the reality that it is US against THEM.. that is when you will truly open your eyes to see the nature of their brutal attacks on our health, wealth and lives. Our everyday lives have been highjacked by politicians and chemical companies and we fight each other over what party you are associated with. I can tell you this. I am not Democrat nor Republican. I am my own party... and that is WOKE they are all horrible, greedy, nasty rodents who should be forced to drink the very chemicals they are forcing our children and grandchildren to eat.

Now that I went on a complete rant about that… 😊

Let’s take a look at Glyphosate. Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the US.

  • Americans have applied 1.8 million tons of glyphosate since its introduction in 1974.
  • Worldwide 9.4 Million tons of these chemicals have been sprayed on fields.
  • Globally Glyphosate use has risen 15-FOLD since Roundup Ready GMO Crops were first introduced in Soybeans back in 1998.

In 2015 World Health Organization’s Cancer Research Group (IARC) went on record to classify glyphosate as a “probable carcinogen” The team of international scientist found that there was an association between glyphosate and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  Since then California OEHHA confirmed that it would add glyphosate to California’s Prop 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer. Monsanto then sued to block the action and the suit was thrown out of court. In a separate case, the court found that California could not require cancer warnings on for products containing the chemical. More than 11,000 people have filed suits against Monsanto alleging that exposure to Roundup caused their loved ones to develop non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Research also suggests that glyphosate in conjunction with cancer can cause endocrine issues as well, liver disease, birth defects, and reproductive problems.  Glyphosate can kill gut bacteria and damage the DNA in embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells which brings me to question why the hell our government is issuing food vouchers to pregnant women?

So now that we know that this pesticide can harm us and our government is not working for the best interest of you or me. What can we as a society do about it?

  • Step One: Join the same team. Stop fighting over who’s aparty is the best. wake up. They are all horrible and have been since HW Bush entered the White House.
  • Step Two: Get ProActive. SEND Letters to your Agriculture Commissioner.
  • Step Three: Send Letters to Your State Reps.
  • OPEN YOUR MOUTH and Tell people.. Yes, we.. Me and You are called crazy when we speak about things like this but prove it. Tell them to do their own research, tell them they are poisoning their children with these products. Don’t let others ignorance stop you from talking about the things that Truly Matter.
  • Join Groups like US RTK (US Right To Know) which is a non-partisan group that’s pursuing the truth and transparency in America's food system.
  • Get Active stop protesting Women’s Rights and Start Protesting Human Rights. It is a human right to know if your food is going to make you sick. 

After allowing my attorney to preview this she wanted me to add this small note:

Do you think that this “news article” just popped up out of no-where and the news media is trying to warn you of the health issues of glyphosate or do you think that this is the company doing “due-diligence” which in legal terms is this company trying to satisfy a legal requirement in buying or selling something. I have not looked at the legal documents in this blog however, I would bet you that somewhere in the legal documents it is required that the manufactures must admit guilt and if the consumer continues to buy or purchase the item they can always use this news as the justification of “I told you so”.

Just something to think about right?...

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.. Was I bit too much? 😊


Kim Stout

Thanks for writing this. My sister is on the WIC program and she and her kids eat Cheerios all the time. Do you know if this stuff is found in any other foods like breads? I recently realized I must be allergic to breads, and rice makes my skin break out. Could this chemical be the cause? Thanks for this, so informative.

Pamela Osborn
I can hear the passion in your words. You are right, it’s time to stop fighting each other and start fighting them! We are stronger together. I wonder why they would call a Toxic weed Chemical “Round-Up” and what it is they are trying to round up? Weeds or People?

Thanks for sharing, I plan to visit the store next week to purchase a new organic mattress!

Ashley Freiman

Great article! Very informative about the negative effects of glyphosate. Thanks for the good read. :)

V. Hayes

Spot On! Yes, I saw that news post yesterday and thought, this was old news. But didn’t know that in just 1 year it had increased to 5XS the level! I seriously wish you would just Blog full time! You are the best. And NO.. you were not TOO much, you are passionate and that shines through to everything you do! I love you girl!

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